DMU Leicester Castle Business School visited SUFEIEC


Dean of DMU Leicester Castle Business School DanaBrown and its Chinese office chief representative GaoDahai visitedSUFEIEC on February 6th.Dean of IEC, Professor Feng Runmin warmly received the visiting guests, accompanied by colleagues of admissions office and international office.

Dean Feng welcomed the arrival of the British guests, and briefly introduced the basic overview of IEC, IEC characteristics and development vision. Admission office introduced each program and enrollment. After that t Dean of DMU Leicester Castle Business School Dana Brown introduced their current situation, teaching characteristics and academic achievements. Mr. Gao Hai appraised the education philosophy and teaching conditions of IEC, and hope to enhance mutual understanding, and to achieve a broader and more in-depth cooperation in the future.

The two sides put forward some feasible suggestions on the establishment of new cooperation projects and cooperation according to the current market situation and competition. And shared opinions and reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation style and project establishment. Hoped to promote more understanding, strengthen the ties between the two, and establish long-term stable cooperative partnership through deep communication between the two universities.

Leicester Castle Business School is a new business school in twenty-first Century. Its origin was a more than 800 years old ancient castle in Leicester with a deep cultural heritage. Its Dean Dana Brown was ex-Dean of University of Oxford's MBA School of Business. Its professors are well-known experts in various academic fields and from a number of world-class research projects. A total of 18 professors won the British National Teaching Fellowships awards. The number of winners in all UK universities is the top third. Leicester Castle Business School was also accredited by AACSB.

Leicester Castle Business School aims to create a leading European business school, cultivating high quality commercial talents through the new way of teaching, and help students in a powerful and innovative learning environment, and play their potential to achieve success in the business world.


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