Relying on the excellent location advantage of Shanghai, the international metropolis, and the strong academic and teaching resources of SUFE, IEC grew up rapidly and has become an outstanding international education college in China, especially in the field of finance and economics. Currently, the main existing partners of IEC are from UK, USA and Australia, such as Monash University and University of Western Australia, which rank in the world Top 100 of 2015 QS.

Shanghai, referred to as Hu or Shen, is China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center, but also a beautiful and full of vigor and vitality of the international metropolis. After 1843 Shanghai became the opening of the commercial port and quickly became the first big city Far East, today's Shanghai has successfully hosted the 2010 World Expo, Chinese Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival and other major international events.

As one of the most influential and competitive city, Shanghai is not only a national historical and cultural city with a profound cultural heritage of modern city and many historical monuments, it is also a city where international and local culture exchange. At the both sides of the Huangpu River, the Bund, a western style building row upon row of historic buildings and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, touch the sky of Lujiazui world financial center, Shanghai Center Tower and other pavilions, a rich old Shanghai style narrative history and the modern metropolis in the past, present and future, but also become the main destination of tourists. In addition, there will be more new world Shanghai traditional and modern new buildings, and it is the best place for visitors to appreciate the history and culture of Shanghai and modern life forms, gathering place also with the cultural taste of the local people and foreigners. On June 16, 2016, the first in mainland of China, the world sixth Disney theme park officially opened, and the dynamic, fashion, fun, fantasy theme park Shanghai Happy Valley echoes, became another important landmark, attracting from across the country and around the world tourists gathered in Shanghai to experience the fusion of cultures around the world, witness Shanghai's development and progress, from the visual, auditory to enjoy the taste of the feast.

As the international metropolis, Shanghai has more than 70 universities and higher education institution. The world's top talents gather here, and different culture meets here in Shanghai. It is an ideal place for students to pursuit their success. In addition to learning knowledge, living and the growth of experience in the city will also be accompanied by each student's precious wealth of life.

In the pursuit of excellence, all rivers run into sea, atmospheric humble, enlightened wisdom of Shanghai, every student of SUFE IEC will be easy to start their abroad study trips and confidently pursue their success in future.


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