Message from Dean

Message from Dean

International Education College is the secondary affiliated college of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,featuring distinctive financial characteristics with high teaching quality and advanced management.In Shanghai IEC was the first public college specializing in providing training and service to students aiming to study abroad. And it is the first strategic partner of CSCSE (Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, MOE) in East China.Relying on the comprehensive competitiveness of nearly one-hundred cultural heritage and sustainable growth of SUFE, IEC aims at training students to be professional and compound talents with global vision, cross-cultural communication and specialized financial knowledge through thecooperation with world-renowneduniversities ofUnited States,United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealandand International Examination and Certification Institutions,such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, ACCA and etc.   

IEC has put emphasis on the construction of teaching staff and continuously improved the quality of personnel training. We are proud of our local and foreign teaching faculty, who are acquainted with teaching rules, processing outstanding teaching skills and strong sense of social responsibility as well as theytake great care of growth and development of the students. Weadopt the small scale class, the original English textbooks and bilingual teaching method in class. Furthermore, we attach importance to the teaching quality and have been appraised highly in the overseas evaluation of teaching achievements.As the first batch of international education college of China and the first one of Shanghai, we have an excellent management group with rich experience in programs. Committed to the training of international preparatory, credit-exemption and diploma programs,IEC has earned highly recognized assessment level with a rate of 100% in dozens of teaching quality evaluation external auditing and been awarded the best partner in China by SQA.With the increasing number of studying abroad students, we willcontinue to advocate excellence and innovation to provide a safer, better and more considerate service for the studentsto help thempursue their dreams.   

Since founded in 2004, IEC has adhered to the principle of student-oriented and high-quality teaching and management, advocated rigorous academic atmosphere and learned advanced concepts of talents training from United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand and etc.We have trained more than 3,500 students with alumni all over the above countries. Some students have enrolled in the Oxford University,Imperial College London, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, University of Western Australia and Australian National University for further their study.Some graduates have worked forTop 500 global enterprises, such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Deloitte, KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers, etc. Alumni Association has been established in 2012, aiming at tightening the cohesion and centripetal force between alumni and providing the personal service constantly.  

“Huge argosybears a heavy burden;swift horsegoes on a long journey.”We welcome all the students with interest in finance and economics to join IEC, forchasing your dream, making friends with outstanding youth around the world, developing to be a well-rounded talent. We also sincerely welcome you, our current partners as well as our prospective partners, to visit us, know us and work together with us, to share successful experience in education with each other, to further expand the depth and broadness of cooperation.We believe that IEC will have a brighter future with you!


Student Affairs: 021-55663265(武东路)、55389331(中北)

Counsel: 4000-369-051

Recruitment: +8621-55660952

International Cooperation: +8621-55660092

International Examination: +8621-55660013

地址1: 中国·上海·杨浦区武东路51号

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地址3: 中国·上海·杨浦区纪念路8号

No.51 Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

No.369 No.1 North Zhongshan Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai


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