With the improvement of legal system in education industry as well as the entire Chinese society, the Chinese government increasingly encouragesand favors the Sino-American cooperation on university level in all kinds of forms to cultivate talentsjointly.

Shanghai is China’s biggest city, largest port, and one of the most vibrant international metropolises. As one of the world’s vital economic and financial centers, shanghai is a truly diverse, open, and exciting cityand an ideal place for living, studying, and working. Moreover, shanghai is becoming one of the most important centers for education and culture in China. It boasts a high reputation in education quality featuring many first classes universities such as SUFE. Currently, University of Michigan (U.S.) and New York University (U.S.) have established sound partnership with some Chinese universities, respectively, and the enrollments of these programs have been officially implemented in Shanghai for several years.The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), and Liverpool University (XJTLU) these Sino-foreign universities are located around Shanghai as well.

Shanghai is a city for young people, a city towards the future.SUFE IEC is situated in the heart of this colorful city. We offer a full range of assistance to our partner universities all around the world according to the international practice. Through cooperation, our overseas partners will deliver useful information directly to their potential students, track the students’ learning skills closely, help them adapt to the overseas teaching philosophy and norms and provide solid supports to the students. Meanwhile, the interactive and two-ways communication between SUFE IEC and our partners will promote both sides’ good will and help both sides in enhancing their brand awareness and achieving a wider range of in-depth development.

We believe that the future world belongs to international professional talents and we will put more efforts in cultivating more international specialized personnel. We are looking forward to work out our development potentials, in order that the college can become one of the country’s renowned studying abroad colleges with distinct financial features. This is the responsibility and aspirations of SUFE IEC.

To achieve our mission, we have been making continuously great efforts to develop our faculty and staff as a young, innovative and energetic team during the past over ten years. In addition, we fully realize that we have to work together with our partners which have been clearly showed from our past experience. Establishing and maintaining long-term international cooperation is the only way for us to become better.

At the time of greeting the 12th anniversary of the college, SUFE IEC will further integrate the advantage resources, deepen international cooperation and exchanges, improve the quality of personnel training and highlight school’s characteristics to build up a leading study abroad training college.

We sincerely welcome you, our current partners as well as our prospective partners, to visit us, know us and work together with us.


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